To have the best program BLOCKCHAIN EXPO HANOI 2022 has invited quality speakers. They will be an important bridge between the program and the guests. Their role is the forerunner, they will have many things worth sharing for potential investors

Including Mr. Logan Dinh CMO LaunchZone, Mr. Sheng Nguyen M Founder of Thecoindesk, Mr. Leon Truong Chairman DTS,… BLOCKCHAIN EXPO HANOI 2022 promises to become a place for guests to deepen their understanding of current Blockchain knowledge.

Did you know BLOCKCHAIN EXPO HANOI 2022 this year brings together more than 50 Blockchain communities in Hanoi along with more than 30 blockchain projects to attend. This is an important ingredient to the success of this event. The organizations participating in the event have the role of providing the experience ecosystem, the latest technologies on blockchain projects.

With the attention of more than 100 KOLs, the Influencer program can spread to more people. They are people with experience, knowledge and vision in the industry. As the leaders in the blockchain market, they will have more interesting and insightful sharing for the attendees. Their interest will be the basis for people to know more about the BLOCKCHAIN EXPO HANOI 2022 program in particular and the Vietnamese Blockchain community in general.

Especially, this program is also supported and chaired by the Vietnam Advertising Association. With the main task of building and developing service organizations, external relations, standing apparatus and operating work, creating a healthy competitive environment for businesses operating in the field of advertising. Department of Grassroots Culture – Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism. The main task is to advise and assist the Minister in performing the state management in the field of grassroots culture.

Blockchain Expo 2022 deeply appreciates the support of the two host units, with the support of the Vietnam Advertising Association and the Department of Grassroots Culture – Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism, the program will definitely be successful.