Following the success of the BLOCKCHAIN EXPO 2020 program, Metahub and the organizers have created the BLOCKCHAIN EXPO 2022 program. The program aims to provide an overview of Blockchain technology. This will be an opportunity to exchange and share knowledge about the blockchain market, cooperation opportunities between investors, and promising projects.

With great attention from the blockchain community in Vietnam, the program has attracted more than 700+ guests registered to participate. This is the record number of blockchain knowledge-sharing events in Vietnam. It proves that there are still many opportunities for this industry to develop. The guest’s interest will be a premise for us (MetaHub) to be proud of this program.

Blockchain Expo 2022 is also the biggest gathering of human resources and cooperation. Combined with blockchain project owners, the blockchain community in Vietnam has several employees working with more than 300+ people. This is considered a challenge and seen as an opportunity for MetaHub to contribute to the cohesion of the blockchain community in Southeast Asia.

BLOCKCHAIN EXPO 2022 would also like to thank more than 100 KOLs, Influencers who have contributed to spreading the program’s spirit to more people. They are people with experience, knowledge, and vision in the industry. As the leaders in the blockchain market, they will have more exciting and insightful sharing for the attendees.

The organizers have tried their best to complete the final preparations to make the program run smoothly; guest experience and opportunities are our top goals.