The preparations for the BLOCKCHAIN EXPO HANOI 2022 program have entered the final days. All work is being urgently completed to prepare for the best event.

The Organizing Committee is working around the clock to make sure everything goes on schedule. No matter what time, doing. Anything that arises needs to be resolved immediately. That’s why the Organizing Committee always has to work anytime, anywhere.

The Palace of Viet-Xo culture is a frequent place of the Organizing Committee. People consider this as a second home before “G time”. All works such as stage, hall, hall, backdrop are being constructed continuously.

Sponsor’s exhibition area is gradually being formed. Everything is preparing in a hurry to keep up with the date of the program. With more than 25 exhibitors in all, the Organizing Committee constantly supports to make everything go well. This promises to be a “promising land” for those who are looking for investment opportunities.

The stage with a capacity of more than 1000 seats is entering the final stage. The Organizing Committee has worked with the host to provide maximum support for the program. The lighting system and speakers have been installed in the correct position. Seating position has been cleaned and sanitized. All ready for the sharing session of industry speakers.

The Organizing Committee still cares for BLOCKCHAIN EXPO HANOI 2022 anytime, anywhere. Despite the extremes, everyone always strives for the overall success of the program. Despite the extremes, building a program that brings value to the blockchain community in Vietnam is something everyone wants to contribute.

With more than 1000+ guests, BLOCKCHAIN EXPO HANOI 2022 will become a “busy” festival with potential investment opportunities. The division of the area and the construction of the sightseeing area has been conveniently arranged by the Organizing Committee; all investment opportunities will become easy for investors.

The Organizing Committee BLOCKCHAIN EXPO HANOI 2022 is always ready for difficulties to best meet the conditions of event organization. Hanoi 12 o’clock at night will not be a challenge for the Organizing Committee this year. Look forward to interesting things at the Organizing Committee  BLOCKCHAIN EXPO HANOI 2022.