“In the third session to discuss about market trends, Mr. Nguyen Trung Anh – founder of news channel TheCoinDesk said, the trend of metaverse will combine all aspects of life into one place, when the trend of working from home is growing, programmers or designers can create virtual offices with a variety of landscapes, interiors and sell to companies. In addition, the future outlook of web 3.0 along with the trends in metaverse, NFT artist, SocialFi, Move-to-earn, … are identified as trends that will explode in the future. Mr. Trung Anh said that in Vietnam, Blockchain-enthusiastic organizations and communities have been updating new trends, and are also building and forming their own NFT ecosystem.
Mr. Trung Anh said: “Currently, in the Vietnamese market, there are quite a few organizations supporting blockchain startups. In which, MetaHub has also developed an ecosystem to support and advise young businesses on the development and application of blockchain technology in each activity from operation, organization, development, connection to other businesses. investment funds…””
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