Coming to BLOCKCHAIN ​​EXPO HANOI 2022, many guests and speakers had interesting perspectives on this program. To discover more, let’s listen to these shares with BTC!

Mr. Truong Gia Bao, Chairman DTS shared “BLOCKCHAIN ​​EXPO HANOI 2022 will be a great opportunity for the blockchain community in the region to know more about the Vietnamese blockchain community, and open up more development investment opportunities to the world”. This is also the basis for BTC to always try to not only successfully organize this event, but this will also be the highlight of the Vietnamese Blockchain community to the world.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Thien, CEO Metahub, after the trip to attend THAILAND CRYPTO EXPO 2022, had interesting sharing.

“This trip is a memorable experience for me. The Blockchain community in your country is very active. Blockchain projects all have their own charm and development potential. Hopefully with this program BLOCKCHAIN ​​EXPO HANOI 2022 will continue that spirit to live up to the expectations in the region”

Mr. Lukas Nguyen Co-Founder of OnBlock Ventures & CryptoHolic Group refers to BLOCKCHAIN ​​EXPO HANOI 2022 as a prestigious destination for investors and institutions to come closer together. I hope that the spirit of blockchain will not stop at this program, but there will be many other attractive programs to meet the growing needs of the Vietnamese blockchain community.

The founder of news site Thecoindesk.com, Mr. Sheng Nguyen, as a guest of the program, had an objective share about EXPO HANOI 2022: “This program marks the first milestone that Vietnam has had an event. Large-scale event about Blockchain. With the role of connecting and spreading blockchain experience, EXPO HANOI 2022 promises to be a desirable program.

Although he only attended as a speaker, he helped a lot with program organization, content consultation and planning.

This program is advised and chaired by the Department of Grassroots Culture – Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. and Vietnam Advertising Association. These will be the two best guarantors for the event about the quality and legality of BLOCKCHAIN ​​EXPO HANOI 2022.